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Artists deserve more respect!

I recently saw an Etsy post on Pinterest and was deeply saddened by the comments that were left.  The artist is selling the piece for over $200 and all the people had to say was “I could make that myself, why is it so expensive?!”  While this is true, it doesn’t mean that you should berate someone for just doing their job.  An artist is an employee, just like that person you order coffee from, or the person who works the cash register at WalMart.  Their job is to design and create original pieces of artwork and sell them to the public.  Yes, you probably can make that for under $50, and if so, then that’s wonderful.  But don’t sit there and complain because someone is trying to make a living.  A lot of artists don’t get paid well enough for the job they do, and it’s because of people like that who only want to pay for the materials, and not the time and effort it takes to create the work of art.  Here is what I have to say to all those ignorant people:  Why don’t you come over and clean my house, but I’m only going to pay you for the amount it takes to get the cleaning supplies.  Your time isn’t valuable to me, so I’m not going to pay you for the hours it will take you to make this place spotless.

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